Troubleshooting: Video recordings cancel or stop prematurely



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    Ever since I upgraded to Audials 2024, I cannot record anything.  I changed all of my settings to what I had in the previous verrsion, and I cannot get it to record.  It stops immediatly.  I usually only record off of YouTube.  I've tried recording off of my account, off of an annonymous account, off of my husband's account.  Nothing.  I've tried recording using different parameters, nothing.  I've even tried recording Netflix, and others, it just stops immediately.  I've updated my drivers, started and stopped my computer.  I lost my speakers right after the install of Audials 2024.  Everything got messed up when I switched to Audials 2024.  I just want to be able to screen scrape YouTube.  If the issue cannot be resolved, I want my money back, and cancel the subscription.


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