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    well... the PC i actually wanted to use for this software got an intel i7 3770k, tried to record a movie in HD and failed (worked with lower res befor)... seems this one is a tiny little bit to weak for HD... the good thing is, have another PC too with i7 8700k, guess i need to run the software on this one for HD... the bad thing is, i actually use the better PC for other stuff... well... could be worse... just wanted to mention, be careful, older i7 arent good enough yet .... well... almost forgot... the older one got a GTX 760


    running the software now on my other computer, i7 8700k with gtx 1080ti... the difference is almost ridiculous... recording a movie in full HD (1080p) uses about 10% from the cpu... runs smoothly... even if i was hoping to run it on my older computer... till now i like Audials ONE 2021 (gold), just be careful, if you want to record full HD on older machines

    i hope, everything will be ok now.. if i should get other problems later, i will be back ! :D

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    I tried two Radios recording on a Win10 VM on QNAP TS251+ 16GB RAM.
    Failed miserably. Very slow UI responses and crashes too often to have any usage from it.

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