Search and storage Plug-Ins update - 3.5.454.0 (2021-10-21)




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    Can you please specify what exactly was supposed to be fixed here for Tidal?

    I'm using the latest build 2022.0.100.0. When recording Tidal as you play, album titels and covers are still just off the mark in at least 50% of the cases (i.e. apparently the song recognition is bad).

    I now updated Audials to 2022 only for the Tidal drag&drop recording feature - which is anyway not drag&drop as noted in the documentation and as available for Spotify. The drag&drop recording however seems to completely fail with playlists from Tidal; the first record from the playlist starts to download fine, but stops at 99% and then repeats to download again up to 99%. At the third download the song simply starts to play in the Tidal client, but no longer records in Audials. So Audials never finishes the download of the first song of the palylist, and also never progresses to the rest of the playlist. Recording only one song from Tidal through drag&drop works perfectly fine, including correct tagging of album and cover (apparently as the tags come from Tidal rather than the internal song recognition and tagging engine).

    Is this the behaviour that was supposed to be fixed?



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    When I want to record/stream from Tidal I get the following message:

    Tidal erfordert, dass du deine Soundeinstellungen in der Systemsteuerung zu "16bit, 44100 Hz (CD Qualität)" änderst, um die Titel korrekt wiederzugeben

    Ich finde das nicht in der Systemsteuerung in meinem DELL Laptop with Windows 11

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