Audials 2021.0.102.0 (2020-11-02)




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    Hi, can you please just release patch updates instead of cramming every tiny change into one massive file? Everytime. Also, can you add a delete option to clear the contents of C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Audials\Audials 2021\MusicOrganizer\Covers when Audials is closed. You app took up over 11gb of data for cover art. I have CCleaner delete the contents of this folder automatically now, but you shouldn't keep filling up ones hard drive like that.

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    +1 with you regards the \AppData\Local\Audials\Audials 2021\MusicOrganizer\Covers  folder, jeez it was beginning to eat up my C: drive. Why the heck do I want several Gb of covers kept for over a year?? 

    Hey Audials, give us a switch or option to clear out that folder when we want, or when a condition has been met such as monthly or when it reaches a certain size. Thank you. 

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