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    I, too, had been banned by Spotify for recording only I was not using Premium...  Being banned but restored only lessens dramatically the value of Audials One to me as I only use Audial to record audio, not video.....  It's my hope that you will prominently announce when you have discovered an adequate fix that satisfies all parties..  Having been restored, I am reluctant to attempt to record form the website instead of the app as others have reported they have still been banned after following that path...  Does anyone know how frequently one can be easily restorred once you've been banned?  Even though there are good altneratives to Spotify and to Audials, I do not want to be permanently banned form Spotfy or begin using Audial atternatives to record from other sites such as YouTube.

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    In Audials 2023 version the website recording for Spotify was highly improved, so the spy method of Spotify should be now more complicated
    the support department recommendation remains to use only the recording from Spotify browser. Possible problems resulting from the Spotify software examining the system and reporting this to Spotify could be avoided by using e.g. recording from the Spotify website. The website "lives" only in the browser and therefore, as far as we know, does not have the ability to examine the computer and its audio system. To do this, select "Record while playing" in Audials, open a web browser via Audials, and play Spotify there on its website.

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