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    I assume, the question is about DRM protected audiobooks (AAX).

    Audials One includes a function under 'Converter - Audiobooks', which is intended to burn the audiobook playlist from iTunes into a virtual CD-R writer. Audials catches the track files from the CD-R and stores them.

    This function does not work in the latest Audials One 2020 and the last time I checked before Xmas, it does not work in Audials One 2021 either.

    There are two options for your usecase.

    1. Use Audials One 2020.2.31 (not the latestet 2020.2.52) and burn over iTunes.

    2. Directly convert your AAX with another program.

    No. 2 is described here:



    PS: I am just an Audials user and convertet my audible audiobooks for years.

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