Sound issues when recording via Chrome


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    Update: The only way for me to record series on netflix is for me to use Chrome, but as I stated in my previous message, the default settings does not work properly, it decreases the sound quality and volume by alot, then I fiddled around and found these settings

    Click on the Format: text in the main window of Audials Movie 2020

    Convert and create all files in this format:
    MP3: Keep original quality
    WMV: WMV7 High Quality

    These settings "only" lowers the sound volume off the recordings, but then I found out about the open-source software Handbrake, with that you can increase the volume to normal, and I also changed the container to .mkv to decrease the file size abit.

    How-to in handbrake:
    1. Download handbrake.
    2. Open Handbrake, drag and drop the recorded file.
    3. In the first tab Summary, change the format to mkv.
    4. Go to the Audio tab, click on the V button to get more options for the soundtrack and in the field Gain, type 10, or how much you want to increase the volume, for me 10 worked perfectly.
    5. You can see Save as: furthest down on the window, click the Browse button to choose where to save the file.
    6. Hit the Start Encode button (the green play button)

    Now you have a proper recording!
    Hope this helped someone out there :D
    Also... hope the developers fix this issue...

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    Consider checking your Chrome settings for any audio enhancements or extensions that might be affecting the sound quality. Also ensure your microphone settings are optimized for recording. Firefox audio performance might improve with a fresh reinstall or updating your audio drivers.
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