Audials 2020 Tidal Stream Quality


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    No, I don't believe there is any such setting because this is inherent to how sound cards/DACs interact with computers.  If you give the playback software (Tidal, Foobar, etc.) exclusive control over the DAC/sound card, the bit rate and sample rate will be automatically adjusted for each song during playback.  BUT this does not allow for recording of this playback via Audials, Audacity, AudFree, etc.  You must give non-exclusive control over the DAC/sound card to enable recording.  So the short answer is no, it is not possible.  It's best to make playlists if you have a widely varying of bit rate/sample rate in your consecutive song streams.  Divide them by 16/44.1 and Master quality, then you can record them all at the same quality setting in Audials.

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