Audials 2024-Ultra/Win11: Some Recordings not recognized


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    Mirela Radu


    please contact the support team via email: so that we can check the situation and help you further.

    Please send us the following details:

    - your Audials complete version number
    - which recording method have you used?
    - name of the movie you tried to record
    - used browser version
    - send us a few screenshots illustrating the steps you follow and also illustrating the problem, leaving the entire desktop visible

    Thank you!  

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    Just recently I purchased Audials One 2024. I use the screen recording method. Everything was going fine until recently.  I record only sound but not the picture.  I believe the last Audial's update did something but i can't be sure.  Oddly enough, there is no problem when I record from a DVD, just from the websites i visit.

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    I just got my hands on Audials One 2024. I record my screen using this way. Up until lately, everything @ bitlife  was going smoothly.  I only capture audio; I don't capture visuals.  I think the most recent Audial update made a difference, but I'm not positive.  Strangely enough, recording from websites I visit is the only source of trouble when I record from a DVD.

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