Spotify canceled my account due to audials.



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    I've been using Pandora w/o any issue for the past 5 years.  Glad I seen this though. I'd not be sub'ng to Spotify. 

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    Same thing happened to me! I only ever copied music from Spotify at the normal playback speed and 2 days ago I received a message from Spotify saying that they had noticed the unauthorised use on my account and it would now be suspended. I only upgraded my audials account recently as I thought this problem had been resolved but obviously it hasn't. How can Audials advertise this software as working with Spotify when it can't even record at x1 speed without being detected. What a waste of money!!!

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    Mirela Radu


    Audials offers a wide range of options for recording any music streaming service. This also includes the ability to record from Spotify. Various recording methods are possible:  

    1.  Passive recording 

    The streaming service is used "as is" and is being recorded in the background. 
    (This is indistinguishable from playing on the streaming service's server).


          2. Optimized recording 

    The streaming service is "accelerated" and/or "remote controlled" and recorded. 
    (Of course, this can be seen on the server of the streaming service) 


    In the past - especially in 2021 - there have been cases where Spotify temporarily banned users for using "detectable" recording methods (2). 

    The Audials software is able to "warn" about data indicating the recording being created on the streaming provider's servers. 


    August 2022 

    We have received individual reports from a few users that they have been temporarily blocked on Spotify, although they have only recorded passively (1). We even have individual reports from users who didn't use any Audials software and didn't record, but the same thing happened to them anyway. 

    So we did some technical research. 

    It looks like that Spotify has built a new component into the Spotify software that examines the computer's "audio output" (and possibly other aspects of the system, we don't know) and reports the results back to Spotify. It might detect that the computer is "ready to record" while the Spotify app is running and this might lead to the account bans. 

    (By the way, this "ready to record" could also be detected when using other software that "accesses the system audio" - such as video conferencing, but that is pure speculation). 

    To be on the safe side, we have therefore decided to switch on the "Privacy & data protection" warning in the Audials software for all recordings from the Spotify software. 


    Workaround: Recording from website 

    Possible problems resulting from the Spotify software examining the system and reporting this to Spotify could be avoided by using e.g. recording from the Spotify website. 

    The website "lives" only in the browser and therefore, as far as we know, does not have the ability to examine the computer and its audio system. 

    To do this, select "Record while playing" in Audials 2022, but immediately close the Spotify software that may open and open a web browser via Audials instead, and play Spotify there on its website. 

    In upcoming versions we will improve the website recording for Spotify. 

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