Why does my audial;s one



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    Mirela Radu


    In order to help you further,pl ease send us the following details:
    - your Audials complete version number
    - your Amazon Music/Spotify/Tidal/Deezer/Napster complete version number
    - used recording method: drag and drop or record while playing / normal or high speed?
    - used album/playlist so that we can test with the same details
    - send us a few screenshots illustrating the steps you do and also illustrating the problem, leaving the entire desktop visible

    You can contact the support team via email at support@audials.com

    Thank you!

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    If neither one nor both earphones are playing audio, try the following: the backrooms
    1. Check whether the issue is with the particular app on your selected device by trying out alternative apps.
    2. Verify that the device's media volume is not muted or on the low side.
    3. Bluetooth earbuds are disconnected and then reconnected.
    The earbuds should be reset.

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