Anyone else having problems with GPU recording in Audials 2020.2.4.0?



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    After a cleaninstall of windows 10 1909 audials tunebite 18 on my alienware 17R4 laptop i could not save recorded streams anymore. I switched to audials one 2020 and was facing exact the same problem. Downloading is now quite slow.

    Several times I sent everything (screenshots, log files, system and browser information) to support (Denisa Aleman). Meanwhile I think it is just stalling tactics.

    For the time being i will switch to 4k Video Downloader which runs stable, has no problems with MS Edge and is for free.

    Kind regards Ulrich


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    After upgrading to Audials 1 2022 (bought 2021 and upgraded thru tech notice), I am no longer able to record livestreaming video without getting CPU OVERLOAD messages a few moments into recording. After a minute or so, the recorder crashes saying that my video will have stuttering and to folow up with the suggested troubleshooting message at the lower part of the dashboard. I get this result whether running through the latest Chrome or while using the internal browse/player. I have looked at power supply, all possible configuration buttons I can see within the interface screens- still getting the dame result. I played with differing file qualities and am still getting flagged as CPU OVERLOAD with activity graph bar almost pinned at top in RED, with a few dips once in a while. Why is tech support so cryptic with one sentence answers that tell users to "...follow the message below to troubleshoot the problem"?  

    Your software's exception handling is so terse and lacking actual substitive steps- especially when you get through the steps and nothing has been resolved. Asking tech support where to go next results in a start through the very message path originally undertaken on the recording screen. It is a circular loop with no exit ramp. Fancy indicators in the activity task load window does not tell you which specific criteria being 'monitored' by the software, is failing the test. It is all 'behind the curtains' where a user has to beg tech support to 'let me into the club' where the software authors have hidden the answers.

    I am now thinking that this software is like some others in their collection that was written by other software houses and now is sold by Ashampoo for marketing, with house tech support NOT being privy to the actual workings of the product.

    I think I need to take my story out to the public as I am getting the old 'speak to the hand' from the company support tema for this product. It just may be that Audials is such a juggernaut that it now rivals Windows for the most new, unimproved, software package.  I really need to get through this issue. Please let me know what options are left. I cannot find the next hand-hold to use this product, trouble-free. I have a Ryzen 5 with 16G ram and a AMD RX5700 display card and I write /read to a wide open NVME card on the system bus.

    -FRUSTRATED to say the least..

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