Audials One 2019 and Spotify Premium



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    Good Afternoon,

    I have been a subscriber of Audials One 2019 and have been a subscriber since Audials One 11.

    I almost at every instance that I use Audials One 2019, on my Windows 10 G4 Bit PC have repeat error messages that report:

    "Audials is not responding, Audials is busy.  Please report if this problem persists.  Do you want to stop Audials now and report this problem?  Sop Audials".  The options available to me are to "Stop Adials" of hit the X and close the program.

    Would you all please call me at 512.221.3916 in Austin, TX on how to resolve this matter.

    Thank you beforehand.

    Imre Szekelyhidi

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    Hi.I have just upgraded from 2019 to Audials 2020.. I have a Spotify family members account, am currently logged in to it and can play Spotify  music. But when I try to drag an album on to Spotify iinterface in Audials and select chosen tracks, Audial attempts to locate my Spotify account but fails to find it. Can anyone suggest how I can solve this problem. Thanks. Den Lade

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