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    Ok I am feeling really stupid about now. I have been all over the forums looking for a usertv plug in so I can watch more than CNN on Audials. I can't find them anywhere! I downloaded the aplp plug in file but have no idea what to do with it. 

    In the TV section I click options then click import usertv files only nothing shows up in my download folder (which is where the aplp file is but it doesn't want that one). I understand HOW to import them. But WHERE do I import them from? 

    In case I miss the answer, could you also email it to me? 

    Thank you!


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    ljhgeist, I am using Audials just now for the first time and I as well have no clue where and how to download usertv files. Concerning the lack of response here, I guess no one uses Audials tv Recorder.
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