Downloading Spotify Music by Drag & Drop with Audials 2020




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    Either I am doing this wrong or because of a failed update this isn't working for me. I have Audials 2020

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    Tomcat62 make you sure for the plugin setting to check SPOTIFY and select the row then click CONNECT button


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    The starting part of the recording is cut off from the song, sometimes the starting part is in the file recorded before that one. Any solutions?

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    * Still waiting to see if there is a solution to cut song at beginning?


    Some tracks have no problems at beginning or end.


    I set my Default Record option to (What You Hear) 16bit 44khz on Creative Sound Card.

    Disabled all other options.

    * Playlist Recording Spotify:


    I Open Spotify full screen / Audio volume Full.


    I click the Copy Playlist Link (Not URL)


    I Close spotify.


    I open Audials 2020


    I paste the Link.


    I Click (Download)


    Track Recording on (High)

    Track Quality on (Normal).


    * Sometimes when Rec/Converting it Freezes the process.


    Have to stop process for it to get to next track.


    No issues after 5-10 tracks - it repeats and freezes on 1 track again.


    Running Firefox 71 64bit.


    Most songs have some issue with recording start time (too Fast?)



    * Would increasing the Quality prevent this?


    * Spotify is Premium Subscription @ 320kps >>>Audials only records in 128kbs?


    Why is it not recording in Original Quality?>> Setting set as Original Quality?


    Should I switch to 320kbs?



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    * Note: Audials 2020 also Freezes on converting process.


    It does this every 5 -10 tracks.


    Skipping the tracks allows it to move to next track.


    * Is there an option to re-convert try only once then move to next rack?


    The Process llist adds up with unprocessed tracks> Can it have a function to process all tracks later AUTOMATICALLY instead of Manually?




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