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    Frasier is leaving Netflix. I want to record as many episodes as i can before it goes. When i try the above setup, it plays fullscreen on my main monitor. I do not want to watch all the episodes now, I just want to record them for later.

    How can I do that? On my tv it only plays 3 or 4 and then stops and asks if I'm watching. There's 11 seasons...I'd like to just run it in the background until they're done. Is that possible? I have 3 monitors, can I just put it in another monitor and let it run?

    Thanks for any ideas. Just bought the program for this very task.

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    I tried all that and i got a small viewing window and a gigabyte sized file with all episodes I recorded in one huge file.

    I suppose I can re-edit it and chop it up, but isn't Audials supposed to do that automatically?


    Also it ran on my main monitor with the sound; can't that be somehow moved to the background?

    Thanks for any help if anyone ever reads this!

    Happy Holidays.

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