[Solved] Audials for Android 6.8.559 incompatible with energy and battery saving settings




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    I'm using audials mostly on my smartphone or tablet for listening to the radio. After last update the audio flow is continously interrupted, in particular on my Galaxy tab s2 it is impossible to listen to the radio. Please adjust the problem, I cannot stay without audials. 

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    Jan-Hendrik Spieth

    @Fiore53: Not knowing whether you are affected by the problem described in the article above, or not - please be advised to hang in until our update 6.8.565 has been rolled out to your device. Once you've got this update, please consider to send us a support requests, should your problems persist. We'll then try to find out what's causing your issues.

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    The issue is still there with Audials v. 6.8.565.2.

    on android 8 with S7

    I did exclude audials for batery optimisation

    I'm a dutch user (in case this matters for the playstore)


    Even with an app that prevents the screen from going to sleep, it still happens


    Pretty please solve it, because this bug is a bitch

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    Friedrich Griesbach


    Habe heute Audials One 2019 (#300057984)  gekauft man hat mir die Licens gesendet mit dieser Nummer

    kann ich ncht das Programm  ( activation) nicht ereichen.

    Die Licens mehrmals eingegeben jedes mail fand keine activation ereicht.,es hat den Anschein die Nummern sind 

    Nicht in Ordnung

    Bitte um Hilfe

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