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    Dear Sir,

    in general my Audials one 2019 under win10 works fine. I have two issues though:

    1. My audio recording quality is 256 k only, not even 312. I expected FLAC from Tidal as I am a Master subscriber of Tidal.

    2. Today I got a message in yellow, which says that an update for known ecording erros were downloaded and will be installed after re-starting audials. This never happens. I even re-installed the software. (without de-installing first, I want to avoid that.)

    Thank you for your help, specially point 1 audio recording quality as 256 is really not usable as it is far too compressed and bad. Files are just good enough to be used in the car stereo, but nowhere else.

    Best regards


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    Thanks to Alexandra Mott for helping me through the sequence to record in mp3 the audio coming through my sound card. Note that when selecting Music Streaming you must also bring up Audio/ Music Recording in the box at the top left of the screen - then scroll down.


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