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    Hi, this only seems to work for If I go to then it refuses to detect that I'm on an Amazon prime video website and won't allow me to enter a URL for the target video (and amazon only displays your videos on your localised site rather than on so this leaves me unable to do batch recording of my purchased content). Is there any way to fix this (like a dialogue to ask what your local amazon website is?)

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    Alex Fuchs

    Hello spitefulautumn, the Support-Team will contact you as soon as possible via e-mail!

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    Hi, im having trouble with batch record.

    with Firefox I can create a batch list but when I attempt to record netflix will not playback but say 'oooops something went wrong'

    with chrome batch record wont even detect the video playback.

    I have tried this on multiple computers in the last few weeks with the same result.

    Considering your now asking us to pay for an upgrade I would ask for this to be resolved before I pay.



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