Problem report: wrong cuts for Spotify app recordings




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    Hopefully the issue with tracks getting cut wrong can get addressed. The recording timer seems to go out of sync with the play timer on the spotify app. Could be related?

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    Jan-Hendrik Spieth

    Update 2018-02-26

    The development team has made decent progress. We currently plan on releasing improvements to the cutting algorithm in two steps: With one Streaming Service update hopefully already at the end of this week, followed by another update roughly one week after that.

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    Jan-Hendrik Spieth

    Update 2018-03-02

    We have released a Streaming Service Update yesterday that fixes many scenarios with cutting problems. Namely, cutting should not be off by large amounts (~10sec), anymore. Also, it should not occur, any more, that the beginning/end of one song is joined into another song.

    We have already received some new feedback indicating that there still are cutting problems, like for example the first song being cut off by 1-2 seconds. Please feel free to write a comment, if you experience such phenomena. Please try to describe your cutting problem as precise as you can: Is it occurring for only the first song? How many seconds are cut off? Is "only" silence cut off, or can you actually hear the wrong cut?

    The team is still working on further optimizations, trying to improve cutting in as many situations as they can. Stay tuned for another update!

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    Jan-Hendrik Spieth

    Update 2018-03-09

    We have released another Streaming Service update (3.1.47800.0) that fixes scenarios where the very first song in a recording session is cut off at the beginning.

    This resolves all spotify cutting problems reported by a large number of users whose cause we could clearly understand.

    If you continue to have problems with spotifying, please send us an inquiry so that we can investigate your individual problem causes. Thank you!

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