Beta-Testing new Music Wishes on Audials Pro for Android




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    i have android 7.0 and it still says audials pro is in incompatible with my phone.  i have an lg stylo 3, model - lge lg-ls777.

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    incompatible with ALL my devices & phones?

    Note 9
    SG Tab 3
    Hp Touchpad
    Note 4
    Note 3
    HTC Curve
    Droid Milstone


    All not able to be installed?

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    Jan-Hendrik Spieth

    Hi dyingjedi,

    we're supporting Android API 13 and up, and we don't exclude any devices explicitly. Play Store determines compatibility based on hardware and software (and god knows what else)

    I haven't checked all your listed devices, but looking at it, I think we should support all of them. For the Note 9 for example, we also have active users right now, so that one definitely works, generally speaking.

    Hard to say what's wrong on your end. I suppose the Play Store doesn't give any indication why? Sure seems like a pattern though. So sth. in your hardware or software setup, or your personal context, makes Play think you can't use our app.

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