5x Recording Speed for Spotify App




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    Great idea but I'm finding that the cutting of tracks is not working correctly i.e. about 0.5 second of the start of the next song is moving to the end of the current song. So, if you record 2 songs of 120 seconds & 180 seconds they will be recorded as 120.5 seconds & 179.5 seconds.  If you want to see what I mean try recording the album Break The Silence by Gun from Spotify. Hopefully fixed soon.

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    Jan-Hendrik Spieth

    All users who observe these problems:

    • an audible part of a song is cut off
    • incorrect cuts, i. e. parts of a song are "glued" to the beginning and end of another song

    please contact our technical support! The problem is then investigated. Thank you very much!


    Update 2018-02-21

    Problem report and status concerning current cutting problems can be found here.

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