How to upgrade to Audials PC 2019?




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    I am a Gold subscriber, do I need to download 2019 version or will my 2018 version automatically update?


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    dee jay

    don't know what your saying sorry

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    Alex Fuchs

    I deleted the comments, because of License Informations. 

    WavRyder and Andy3252, please install Audials 2019 software, and activate your licensekey. Audials will not upgrade the software automatically.

    Please download Audials 2019 from our website, install it and activate your Goldsubscription licensekey:

    Thank you!

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    Like Andy3252, I am a Gold subscriber and it is not clear to me if I should be downloading the Audials One 2019 version of staying with my 2018 version and you will automatically convert me to this when I next renew my subscription.  It's also unclear as to whether there are any benefits of the 2019 version  over the current and up to date patched version of 2018. Can you clarify this please.

    How frequently do these posts get reviewed - it looks like Andy3252 has been waiting 5 days for an answer - that's quite a long time for no response (even if it was a holding one - that would at least show that Audials is interested in dealing with users questions).


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