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    I am just want to say that 

    To get TV series into different folders using Audials, you can follow these steps:

    1. Open Audials and navigate to the TV tab.
    2. Select the TV series you want to move to a different folder by clicking on the checkbox next to the series name.
    3. Click on the "Record" button to start recording the selected TV series.
    4. In the recording settings window, click on the "Advanced Settings" button.
    5. In the "Advanced Settings" window, click on the "Save Recordings in Subfolders" checkbox.
    6. Choose the naming pattern for the subfolders by selecting one of the options in the drop-down menu or by creating a custom pattern using the available variables.
    7. Click on the "OK" button to save the advanced settings.
    8. Select the folder where you want to save the recorded TV series by clicking on the "Browse" button next to the "Save Recordings to Folder" field.
    9. Choose a folder and click on the "OK" button to save the selected folder. MDHHS MI Bridges
    10. Click on the "Record Now" button to start recording the TV series.

    Audials will now record the selected TV series and save them in separate subfolders based on the naming pattern you have chosen. This allows you to keep your TV series organized and easy to find.

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    Launch Audials and head to the TV tab to get started.
    Click the checkbox that is located next to the name of the television series that you wish to move to a different folder. This will allow you to select the series.
    To begin recording the chosen TV series, click the "Record slope game" button on your remote control.
    In the window that displays the settings for the recording, select the "Advanced Settings" button.
    To save recordings in subfolders, select the "Save Recordings in Subfolders" checkbox in the "Advanced Settings" window.

    Following this, Audials will begin recording the selected episodes of the TV series and will save them in distinct subfolders according to the naming pattern that you have selected. 

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