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    Hi gmgiadinh176 ,

    !!! make sure that your Windows is up to date, including sound, video and gpu drivers. Disable temporary your firewall/antivirus program. Retry to download Audials 2022 version from the official website https://audials.com/en/download and run the Audials installer as an admin. Mare sure that no other applications are running during the Audials installation.

    1. the installer of Audials 2022 version is the same for all products (AudialsOne, Audials Music, Audials Movie, Audials Radio) only the license key makes the difference (enables/disables feature)

    2. you have to contact the vendor you purchased the product from for further assistance with refunds. Check in your purchase documents/invoice for information regarding the refund policy 

    3. you can contact the Audials support department at support@audials.com

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