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    The main difference between the Microsoft Store version (App) of Audials and the Windows software (.exe) is how they are distributed and installed on your computer. The Microsoft Store version is downloaded and installed directly from the Microsoft Store, which is a centralized platform for downloading and managing apps on Windows 10. The Microsoft Store version of Audials may have some limitations in terms of features and functionality compared to the full Windows software version (.exe). The Windows software version (.exe) can be downloaded directly from the Audials website or other software distribution websites. This version typically has more features and customization options than the Microsoft Store version, and may also have better compatibility with other software and hardware on your computer. Another key difference is that the Microsoft Store version is typically more tightly integrated with the Windows 10 operating system and may have better support for touchscreens and other Windows-specific features. The Windows software version (.exe) may require more configuration and customization to work optimally on your system.
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