I get a blue screen when I start streaming recording


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    unfortunately there is no concrete solution for blue screen issues, a blue screen is hard to investigate, it might happen because of various reasons (hardware issue, Windows/graphic card/gpu drivers not updated, gpu and graphic card should not be older than 4 years, system weak or too old or Audials recording having some conflict with other third party app installed on your system).

    if there is some 'IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_Equal' message, you should try again either to reinstall the gpu driver or find updates for it

    You could send to the support department the following details maybe they can find anything to help you:
    - your OS build version
    - your complete Audials version number
    - since when do you get this issue? 
    - with the earlier Audials versions did you get the same behavior?
    - how do you start the recording? from which source? even if you select as output format a profile without gpu?
    - provide a screenshot of the behavior or error message you get in Audials (leave entire desktop visible) and if possible also with the received blue screen and message from Microsoft
    - if possible send also all the generated log files from the LOG folder in a zipped/compressed files, the LOG folder can be found here: C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\Audials\Audials 2022
    - if OS crashed, send also the proper Windows logs. Windows saves crash dumps with "blue screen" details into "C:\Windows\minidumps" folder


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