Is there a way to increase the output volume ?


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    I would like to do this also

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    Audials One

    Hi and thanks for both your feedback! Assuming both of you are playing via Bluetooth, there's a couple (maybe obvious, maybe not so obvious) of things you can do

    • Increase the volume in the app (volume slider on screen, in the player)
    • check the system's audio settings - it's possible that the bluetooth device has a separate volume level control
    • finally, increase volume on the bluetooth device itsself

    It's still possible that some radio streams audio tracks use a low audio level. But this should really affect only specific stations. You can find out whether that is the case simply by playing other stations.

    That all being said - theoretically, one could wish for some sort of dynamic range compression (reduce loud sounds, amplify quiet sounds), similar to how professional broadcasters do it. I can't say whether sth like that is doable for an app like ours.

    Before we dive into all that, maybe you guys (and other readers) could let us know more details about your scenario. Such as, which content plays too low volume (which stations?), which devices are involved (bluetooth? speakers? headphones?), and whether you have made sure that any volume control, both on the phone and a playback device, is maxed out.

    Thanks a lot!

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