Malvertising problem after update.


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    Denisa Aleman

    Hy rav4cas,

    thank you very much for your request and for the notification... we will inform our developers about this issue, right now the only solution would be to play the BBC in browser and not in Audials player, this way you will be able to close that pop-up and it will go away. In Audials view, you can not close that pop-up because the Audials player only shows what is is actually happening in the browser and that pop-up can be closed only from that main window... sorry for the inconvenience, as soon as we find a fix for such issues, we will provide an update.

    thank you for your understanding!

    PS: In Malwarebytes case the user can add the entire Audials folder as an exception into settings > allow list > select a folder. If Audials is installed as default on most of the systems, the Audials folder which has to be added as an exception can be found here:
    C:\Program Files (x86)

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