Netflix recording to only 540p


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    You haven't received an answer, so I would like to tell you about my experience with Audials One 2000.

    1. You need of really fast Internet connection. I have 400 speed cable and speed test shows that most of the time it is about 300, sometimes it goes down to low 200's. If you connect your computer through an ethernet cable, make sure it is category seven or eight. I made the mistake by using category five, and it topped up to 100 speed. When I switched the cable to another computer (category seven) I noted that to be faster and I wanted to kick myself for saving five bucks.

    2. You need a fast computer with rather high-end Nvidia video card. I have one desktop with 32 G of RAM, and all drives are SSD drives. It has i7 with GTX 1080. 

    3. It works even better between episodes if you use a RAM drive. I dedicated 16 GB of above memory to drive Z. Then the program assembles the files (very quickly) and writes to a large SSD drive. Hardly skipping or stuttering.

    For the file - this is with custom settings. MP4, H.264, Frame size (exact) 1920 x 1080, GPU bit rate, (exact at 99%) and audio channels at 6. 

    However, it depends on where you live too. I read the news month ago that Netflix has slowed down its transmission in Europe. So you could have a fiber optic Internet but if the signals not coming that quickly from Netflix, I don't think you be able to get anything higher than that.

    Also you don't want to forget to set HD or Ultra HD on in your Netflix account settings. This may actually be one thing you want to look first. 

    Hope this helps. 

    p.s. I still can't get subtitles recording. This is disappointed. Not in Netflix nor Amazon. 

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